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Flight Crew Services

Our team of experts works with your team to successfully complete your mission. Providing highly qualified and well-experienced flight crew, complete top-tier trip planning services, and a global fuel network enables us to be your efficient, single-source service for all your operational needs.

Spire Flight Solutions provides you with thoroughly vetted pilots who are well-practiced in the peculiar nuances of ferry, demonstration, and observation flights. Crews hold EASA, FAA, or BCAA licenses which we can efficiently receive validations to meet the specific requirements of other countries. We can meet your needs for all commercial aircraft in all parts of the world.

Pilot team

Ferry Flight Support

We are well versed and expertly skilled to meet all the unique requirements of ferrying commercial aircraft while in transition.

Commercial landing

Demo Flights

We provide crew well experienced with all industry-standard demonstration profiles and In-Service Aircraft Test Manuals.

flight instructor

Observation Flights

We provide a proficient crew who impartially evaluate the operation of your aircraft asset.

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