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Spire Flight Solutions offers you customized, cost-effective services for commercial, ferry, and military operations. From flight planning to obtaining difficult over-flight and landing permits to coordinating customized ground handling services and hotel arrangements, it is our mission to provide you with unparalleled support in flight planning and operation services. Our experienced, multilingual and multicultural team is vetted and backed by accredited aviation institutions for superior operational support.


Ground Services


Wherever you fly around the world, we’re there for you upon touchdown. We have a network of thousands of locations worldwide to offer you the best in quality ground services. All of our trusted ground handling partners are pre-qualified and ready to handle your aircraft needs.

On Time, On Course Flight Services

consultation services

Spire Flight Solutions offers you a full scope of world-class flight support services. For a turnkey solution, build your flight service package to include as many offerings as you need. Our highly-trained flight service teams are here to serve you in time for your next flight.

Flight Planning & Weather Briefs

Our approved FAA licensed dispatchers utilize advanced flight planning systems to generate actual or test flight plans, route analysis, and real time weather briefs that provide the most efficient routings in your specific customized format.

  • Landing and overflight permits including international clearances
  • Delivery packages and trip briefs
  • Real-time weather
  • Expert managed flight planning
  • Runway Analysis (APG Referral)
  • Weight and Balance (APG Referral)
  • Flight following with ERP support
  • And more


International Clearances & Regulatory Services

We provide expedited over flight and landing permit procurement employing our direct contacts with global Civil Aviation Authorities and worldwide in-country agent network that ensures timely arrangements.

  • Slots
  • Border overflight exemptions
  • APSIS orCapricorn
  • TSA waivers
  • Visa waivers
  • UK APD
  • EU ETS
  • General declarations forms


Ground Services

Our worldwide network of ground handling agents is ready to assist with every type of aircraft and operation. From an EMB175 operating a single-entity sports charter to an AN124F transporting oversized cargo, we coordinate all the required handling services.

  • Secure aircraft parking
  • Arrange necessary ground equipment
  • Greet and escort your passengers
  • Handle all baggage
  • Provide cabin and ramp services
  • Coordinate with airport authorities
  • Fulfill any concierge service needs
  • Provide maintenance services like deicing
  • Prepare documents for customs and immigration
  • And more


Fuel & Credit

Take advantage of the benefits that come with using a global leader in aviation fuel: competitive prices, quality control, logistics management and price risk assistance. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you fuel up, our dedicated, on-site professionals are there to guarantee exceptional quality and service.

Flight Crew Services

We provide experienced and reliable crews who are appropriately licensed and type-rated to operate any array of commercial aircraft. Beneficially located throughout the world, our flight crew services offering provides an economical solution to your flight crew needs for aircraft ferry, demonstration and observation operations.

Ferry Flight Support

At times, conducting a non-revenue flight is a necessity for your operation. Spire Flight Solutions can provide all the required services for such a flight while your staff maintains its regularly scheduled duties supporting your timetabled flights.

Diversion Support

Uncontrollable factors sometime dictate that a flight must deviate from its originally scheduled route. Spire Flight Solutions can provide immediate assistance coordinating all the necessary services at your new, unplanned landing location.

Global Credit Facilities

Constructing several individual agreements with each needed supplier is no longer required. Working with Spire Flight Solutions opens the door to a single-source global facility accepted by thousands of vendors at thousands of worldwide locations.

On-Site Supervision

Spire Flight Solutions provides dedicated on-site personnel that ensure all the components necessary to service your operation are conducted seamlessly. The dedicated on-site supervisor is your crew’s and operations team’s single point of contact to care for all your needs while your aircraft is on the ground.

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